As we kick off the new year, we’re sharing some of the most memorable stories and lessons from the past one. Over the past 365 days we’ve had the chance to speak with some of the brightest minds in design who lead the world’s best design organizations at Apple, Airbnb, and Google.

We released some notable publications this year as well, including the Animation Handbook, Audiobook versions of all 7 of our books, and the New Design Frontier, our industry-spanning report on design maturity. Explore all of this and much more below. As always thanks for tuning in and we can’t wait to voyage into the new year together, armed with what we’ve learned in 2019.


Practical Guidance On Measuring Design

In this video, expert researcher Leanne Waldal explains how frameworks like Google HEART, UMUX-LITE, and SUS can help benchmark the user experience of a product.

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Designing Across the Seams

In this episode of the podcast we speak with Lori Kaplan about how the Atlassian playbook helps both internal and external teams address design challenges and the deep roots of cross-functional collaboration at the company.

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Design Reviews At Apple And Why It Was Never Smart To Surprise Steve Jobs

Never surprise Steve Jobs. Bob Baxley learned this lesson quickly in his former role as Director of Design for the Apple Online Store.

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Leadership Tips

“When you’re working on a product or even organizing a meeting 'just ask, whose perspective are we missing?’ And you'll start to get some very interesting insights that you can act on… and build more inclusive products and services for all.”

Benjamin Evans

Inclusive Design Lead at Airbnb

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Our Must Read List for 2019

■ Design Leaders On Inclusivity, Impact, And Measuring Design

■ Instagram, Juul, And Answering Ethical Design Questions

■ You Don’t Have To Manage People To Be A Great Leader with Julie Zhuo

■ How Storytelling Can Shape Design Vision


Hear The Entire Design Better Library Of Books For Free

Listen on the go with audiobooks featuring best practices for Design Systems, Animation, Leadership, DesignOps, Sprints, Product Design, and Design Thinking with our practical guides to building incredible products and organizations.

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Catch Up On Season 3 Of The Design Better Podcast

Hear all 10 episodes of Season 3 of the Design Better Podcast focused on the connected workflow. Catch up and get ready for Season 4 coming in February.

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